Location of store

Revolutionary Fitness is located at Merle Hay Mall, 3800 Merle Hay Road, in Des Moines, Iowa. Our store is located on the Target wing, next to Ulta Beauty, inside the mall.

Is an appointment required to try out the Helix?

No, an appointment is not required to try out any of the Helix machines we carry. We also carry the Scoop, which is available for customers to try as well. If you would like to stop by outside of our operating hours, please contact us here.

Why is lateral training considered superior to treadmills, bikes or ellipticals?

There are three planes of human motion. Traditional cardio trainers like bikes, steppers, treadmills and ellipticals, move the body in one plane of motion only, and as a consequence, they focus their work on the fronts and backs of the lower body only. Helix Lateral Trainers work the body in all three planes of human motion. This means that more muscles are being worked during every moment of a workout, translating to increased calorie burn and quicker achievement of targeted heart rates.

Is lateral training on a Helix considered non-impact?

Lateral training is a non-impact exercise, making it a safe choice for those looking for a rigorous workout that still protects their joints.

What is the difference between commercial models and residential models?

While each model provides the same type of lateral training, Helix Lateral Trainers are classified according to how much use they will receive. Residential models are built for daily use in a home. ‘Light commercial’ models are built for an average of four hours use per day, such as in a physical therapy setting for example. Commercial models are designed to be used in a gym or other professional setting with multiple users all day, every day.

Does the Helix need to be assembled?

Helix Lateral Trainers are delivered or shipped partially assembled; the consumer does need to complete assembly. This process typically takes about 1 hour and can be done by one person. We also offer assembly service. For an additional charge, the Helix will be assembled in the room of your choice. This option is available upon check out.

Does my Helix need regular maintenance?

Unlike many cardio machines, such as treadmills which need regular maintenance such as alignments, Helix Lateral Trainers were designed to be maintenance free.