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Des Moines, Iowa


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The Scoop


Running, dancing, climbing stairs, hiking, walking the dog...if you’re active, you probably ask a lot of your knees, and you need them to last a lifetime. Those who have had knee injuries or ‘bad’ knees are often scared to do MORE cardio, but the right kind of cardio—lateral training-- has actually been clinically shown to give you better, stronger knees in several ways:

Helix® won’t hurt sensitive knees. It is a non-impact, “closed-chain” exercise that allows for healthy knee rotation without pounding, twisting, or stressing delicate joints. It’s even for those with arthritis.

Helix® works the total lower body 360 degrees. This isn’t just about toning the whole lower body (although that’s a pretty nice side effect). It’s about activating the muscles that support the knees like the Glute Medius. This muscle is hugely important for gait and knee support, yet traditional cardio largely ignores it. Helix® works it every second of every workout.

Did you know one of the worst things for your knees is excess body weight? Helix® burns more fat and calories than similar workouts, even getting you to a fat-burning target heart rate 23% faster than a leading elliptical.


Some of the most elite athletes in the world -- like the LA Lakers, the New England Patriots and the Cleveland Cavaliers -- use Helix in their training protocols. People whose careers and livelihood depend on their fitness choose Helix Lateral Trainers.


Helix is better at toning what women tell us they want to improve. Saddlebags? Helix outperforms a leading elliptical by 50%. Glutes? Helix outperforms a leading elliptical by 39%. Love handles? Helix outperforms a leading elliptical by 55%. A spin class can’t do that.


If you want to lose weight, Helix is a no brainer: when you work more muscles every second of every workout, you burn more fat every second of every workout. Plus, Helix has been shown to help achieve targeted heart rates 23% faster than other leading cardio machines.


Traditional cardio keeps heart and lungs fit, but won’t address the common muscular imbalances that worsen as we age. A clinical study showed lateral training can dramatically improve balance in as little as three weeks, while reducing fall and injury risk and joint pain.

“Our residents are loving the Helix. We have one 93-year-old in particular who uses it almost every single day to improve her balance. She used to be very afraid of falling and breaking a hip.”

-Debbie Miller, Director of Wellness

Spanish Cove Retirement Village

Yukon, Oklahoma